Bulk Material Handling Systems and Equipment to Use in Your Facility

Building a bulk material handling system with the right equipment can ensure a smooth journey for the raw materials, components, or products going through your facility. Without a proper design, a simple transport route can become a complicated maze that adds additional work and inefficiencies to your team’s schedule. Whatever your material handling needs, there’s a solution for that.

At Mathews Mechanical, we offer a complete line of material handling services. From engineering to design and fabrication to  installation and repair, we’re well-equipped to assist as you move raw materials. To begin, let’s take a look at bulk material handling and the equipment you might need.


What is a Bulk Material Handling System?


A bulk material handling system often refers to the mechanical equipment that processes raw materials and the like in a facility. Systems can transport, store, or even blend work units. Components of a bulk material handling system may include liquids, powders, slurries, packaging pieces, and a variety of other items.

In these systems, the process can begin with receiving raw materials from trucks or other transporters. Components are unloaded and sometimes stored in stockpiles. The entire process can consist of a single system of numerous machines that work together.

These bulk material handling systems and equipment are what keep business moving. That’s why we offer 24/7 Emergency Service at Mathews Mechanical to ensure that your business doesn’t stall for days just because a machine stops. We’re here to solve your material handling system issues, no matter when they occur.


What Material Handling Systems Can You Use?


We service countless material handling systems to help our clients keep their workflows thriving, with on-time functionality and full maintenance. Explore the various material handling systems for raw materials, and more:


  • Conveyor Systems: This bulk material handling system can be designed in many ways to meet your facility’s needs, as raw materials and more are transported from one location to another. The right conveyor belt for your raw materials or components will easily and efficiently fit in with your workflow, ensuring that your team saves time, energy, and expense.


  • Pallet Racking: By storing pallets on horizontal and vertical levels, this bulk material handling system can offer heavy-duty warehouse shelving for raw materials. This popular pallet storage system is made of beams that attach to uprights and create levels that can support pallets full of items. Accessible to forklifts, it’s a smart way to go for businesses that need strong storage capabilities.


  • Pick Modules: This design was created to optimize a facility’s picking system. A pick module often combines pallet picking, carton flow, and shelf picking in one location, while at the same time using a conveyor system to transport orders.


  • Bin Dumpers (Hydraulic & Pneumatic): One way to get product on your conveyor belt is to utilize a bin dumper. Dumpers are regularly made with a number of different materials to ensure that your team finds the right fit for the materials you have processing.


  • Customized Lifts: If your conveyor system includes raw materials or products that need to be elevated to different heights, a customized lift can be installed to make the right fit.


Other bulk material handling equipment may include manufacturing and transport dollies, stairs, ladders, material storage pallets, product dispensing racks, mechanized work stations and more.


Mathews Mechanical is your bulk material handling system problem solver. Wondering what will work best for your business? Ready to get into install or repair? We’re here for your material handling solutions.