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At Mathews Mechanical, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of material handling services that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts can assist you every step of the way, from the initial engineering and design phases to the fabrication, installation, and repair of your material handling system.


With our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, we can handle even the most complex and demanding projects with ease. Whether you need to move raw materials within your facility or transport finished products to distribution centers, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to delivering efficient and effective solutions that exceed your expectations.

Material Handling Systems: How we Serve

Material handling solutions that are treated with the proper care and attention can easily outlive their expected shelf life. It all comes down to working with the right mechanical contractor for the job. At Mathews Mechanical, we both install custom material handling solutions and provide preventative and emergency maintenance for material handling systems, even if we didn’t install them ourselves.


The preventative maintenance we provide for your material handling systems may include:

  • Monitoring systems during operation to assess potential problem areas
  • Checking cables, connections, and power supplies
  • Inspecting safety equipment operation
  • Tightening bolts and lubricating moving parts
  • Checking fluid levels on pneumatic and hydraulic systems
  • Inspecting and cleaning lights and sensors
  • Replacing parts and filters as needed
  • Cleaning away debris that may hinder equipment performance
  • Repairing or replacing parts and systems as deemed necessary

Material Handling Systems We Maintain

Conveyor Systems

Our experienced technicians are highly trained in all aspects of conveyor systems, from installation to repair and maintenance. We specialize in belt, roller, chain-driven, pneumatic, and screw conveyors for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, food processing, and logistics.

Conveyor systems are at the heart of many material handling facilities, especially those that move and sort parts and materials in bulk. Conveyor belt systems make moving parts through different stages of production fast and efficient. The right custom conveyor system can level up your workflows and save significant time and money, making them a worthwhile investment for any material handling facility!

Pallet Racking

Whether you need a pallet racking system installed or an existing system serviced, we ensure your pallet operations run smoothly while keeping costs low. Additionally, our experienced technicians have the expertise to customize a system that’s best suited to your specific requirements.

No material handling solution is complete without a strategic storage plan. Heavy-duty warehouse shelving is vital for managing bulk materials and large pallets. Pallet racking is a sturdy and reliable form of pallet storage that combines beams and uprights to create shelves made to uphold the heaviest materials. The strong and sleek design pairs perfectly with pallet stackers for effective storage capabilities.

Customized Lifts

We understand how crucial it is for a lift mechanism to be tailored to an organization's exact purpose. Our team of experts maintains optimal levels of lift equipment productivity and safety.

Lifting equipment is vast and varied when it comes to material handling systems, and you may require a fleet of different lifts or only a couple of varieties depending on your facility’s needs.

Types of lifts for material handling include:

  • Cranes
  • Car parking lifts
  • Lift tables

  • Of course, standard lifting equipment may not be enough to solve your unique material handling process. Customized lifts can be built for all manner of material handling requirements. You may need lifts that raise raw materials to different heights on a conveyor belt, for example, and our customized lifts can provide a perfect fit.

    Manufacturing & Transport Dollies

    We provide a range of specialist services for manufacturing and transporting dollies. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of dolly systems.

    Dollies—also known as hand trucks or box cards—are manual transport equipment used for stacking and moving heavy materials and equipment throughout a facility. This equipment is typically L-shaped, with a long handle for ease of maneuverability by warehouse workers and a ledge at the base for product stacking. These industrial dollies provide a lightweight, space-saving and affordable solution for transporting parts and materials around a warehouse or manufacturing plant.

    Types of manufacturing and transport dollies include:

  • Rotating dollies
  • Tandem dollies
  • Container dollies
  • Kitting carts
  • Tuggable carts
  • And even motorized hand trucks for especially heavy materials
  • Robotic Parts Handlers

    Properly serviced robotic parts can help reduce downtime and maintain optimal performance levels over time. We provide careful service to ensure your robotic parts remain reliable and efficient while minimizing any potential risks or costly repairs.

    Automation is the future of material handling, and robotic parts handlers are perfect for automating the assembly process. Robotic parts handlers ease manual labor by moving and constructing parts in the place of a human assembler, greatly reducing the risk of workplace injury.

    Robotic parts handlers are useful for:

  • Organizing and managing sensitive parts
  • Sorting and moving parts faster and more efficiently
  • Picking and placing parts
  • Part transfer and part handling
  • Moving parts on or off of conveyor belts or storage areas
  • Holding parts for assembly
  • Bin Dumpers (Hydraulic & Pneumatic)

    Robotic bin dumpers such as hydraulic and pneumatic models are becoming increasingly common in various industries. Our top-notch service results in your bin dumpers performing safely and effectively.

    Bin dumpers are automated storage and retrieval systems that provide controlled dumping of parts and materials from bins, boxes, crates, and other containers. They can be used to move materials onto conveyor systems, from one container to another, and into balers, shredders, crushers, compactors, or processing equipment.

    While both types of bin dumpers use fluid power to lift and dump materials, pneumatics use easily compressable gas like air and hydraulics rely on liquids like hydraulic oil, mineral oil, or even water. Which is best for your bin dumper needs depends on your specific material handling needs, such as the size of your loads or the necessary output speed.

    Custom Material Storage Pallets

    Custom material storage pallets organize your space, as well as ensure materials remain safe at all times. We provide top-quality support for repairing or improving your storage pallets.

    Material storage should always be custom-fit to a particular facility and the parts or products being stored, which makes custom material storage pallets essential for your material handling systems! Custom-built storage pallets will better fit your racking and storage systems, providing a durable foundation for moving large quantities of parts and materials.

    Pick Modules

    By ensuring that safety standards are always met, our team can install and configure your pick modules so they operate reliably and efficiently. We also provide ongoing servicing and maintenance, with the goal of ensuring your pick module system continues to serve you for years to come.

    Adding another dimension of automation to storage and retrieval systems in material handling, pick modules unite processes like pallet picking, carton flow, and shelf picking in a single location. This robotic equipment pairs perfectly with conveyor systems to prepare, sort, and transport orders throughout the facility!

    Custom Product Dispensing Racks

    Constructed from durable materials, these specialized, vertical racks provide an organized storage solution that ensures an efficient distribution process to retrieve items quickly and easily. We are the go-to team for all your dispensing rack quality control and troubleshooting needs.

    Similar to shelves used for spices or canned goods in grocery stores, product dispensing racks are designed at a tilt so that products will roll forward to fill the empty space when the one in front is removed. These racks are especially helpful for warehouses and fulfillment centers, making it easier to pick and pack while keeping all products easily accessible.

    Because your facility may deal with specific shapes and sizes of products, custom dispensing racks are the best way to ensure your products remain safe and secure while sliding down the rack.

    Mechanized Work Stations

    From identifying preventive maintenance issues to solving the most complex repair problems, we have the solutions that ensure your mechanized workstations are quickly back up and running when you need them most.

    The more a workstation can be optimized for employee workflows and efficiency, the better! This is why mechanized workstations—sometimes called automated workstations—are a vital part of manufacturing facilities and other assembly-based businesses, giving employees the right amount of mechanized or automated support to do their jobs well.

    Vertical Carousels

    Vertical carousels are an automated storage and retrieval solution that can help save space, reduce labor costs, and improve safety. Our team of expert technicians is prepared to tackle any task related to your vertical carousels.

    Vertical carousels are valuable assets for storing and organizing small parts, products, and tools in a space-optimizing way. With the press of a button, the carousel can be rotated vertically to access various storage shelves and find what you need, whether picking for an order or collecting small parts for a product build.

    Pallet Load De-Stackers Conveyance

    Pallet load de-stackers conveyance, or pallet load stackers and de-stackers, are valuable tools for stacking and moving heavy pallets to make material handling easier on your hardworking warehouse team. Built with motors and hydraulics to power lift the pallets rather than relying on human strength, pallet stackers allow pallets to be transported and organized with ease.

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