Crane Installation and Inspection

The team at Mathews Mechanical are experts in servicing and designing cranes and other industrial lifting equipment. We offer professional services such as load tests and inspections, maintenance, installations, and custom fabrication for a variety of crane and lifting systems.

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Our Support and Maintenance Team offers “after hours” emergency service and repair, as well as scheduled preventative maintenance, installations & repairs.

Types of Crane Systems we Work With

  • Jib Cranes: Floor mounted cranes with a rotating jib arm that provide lifting assistance within the radius of the jib arm
  • Bridge Cranes: Can be ceiling mounted, freestanding/floor mounted, or hybrid, these cranes are overhead cranes that travel on a runway and bridge (X and Y axis) to provide lifting assistance within the footprint of the crane runways and bridge(s)
  • Gantry Cranes: Floor mounted cranes that typically travel on wheels the length of a track (or without a track) to provide lifting assistance


We are proud to offer crane service products from the following distributors:

Completed Projects and Installations

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