Benefits of Parking Lifts

In recent years maximizing parking space safely has been a challenge for both residential and commercial spaces; car parking lifts have become a sought-after and cost-effective solution. At Mathews Mechanical, we’re built on the foundation of solving our customer’s problems and when it comes to parking, we’ve got your solution. Our car parking lift installation and service can increase your parking volume for the same floor space while reducing the footprint needed for parking — but that’s not all car parking lifts can do.

Types and Uses of Car Parking Lifts

Car parking lifts are similar to an elevator: By utilizing the vertical space, a car parking lift maximizes the potential vehicle storage of your property. Rather than expanding horizontally, you can expand vertically! Commonly seen at car repair shops, car parking lifts can be utilized across many industries.

At Mathews Mechanical, we provide the installation and maintenance of car parking lift systems. The majority of car parking lifts run via hydraulics powering the elevation of the vehicles. Mathews Mechanical has an expertly-trained team that specializes in the installation and maintenance of multiple types of car parking lift systems. We’ve worked on a variety of car parking lift systems, including:

  • Car Lift Elevators: Designed like a common elevator — only for vehicles — these systems allow vehicles to park, the driver to exit the vehicle, then the lift elevates the vehicle to where it will be stored. Likewise, it brings the vehicle back down for use.
  • Simple Stackers: this is a simple lift that stacks vehicles as the name implies, these lifts are great for maximizing the footprint of a parking lot and are often used by parking lots with valets or other means of supervised vehicle retrieval and storage.
  • Showroom Lifts: If you’re an auto dealer, showroom lifts are a great option for you to display your best selection of vehicles for your consumer, providing all the views a potential buyer will want to check out.
  • In-Ground Auto Lifts: Designed with the lift system underneath the ground, in-ground auto lifts are growing in popularity. The vehicle is parked above the lift and a switch is triggered to lift the vehicle to its necessary position. When not in use, this system is underground, leaving maximum above-ground space for other uses.

This is a small selection of lift systems that our highly-skilled team provides installation and maintenance for. Our line card provides an in-depth look at all our products and services.

What to Expect with the Mathews Mechanical Team

The team at Mathews Mechanical has a 30+-year history of helping people solve their problems. Our track record with a wide variety of industries has provided us with a closer look at what specific car parking system will be best for you. We have experience with lift systems and will provide you with the best recommendation, installation, and maintenance of the right system for your company.

Our car parking lifts and car stackers can allow you to increase the density of parking spaces in the same area, providing more value to your customers, tenants, and residents. When you work with Mathews Mechanical, you are working with a team that provides excellent service to our customers, creates quality relationships, and finds solutions that provide peace of mind for us and our clients.

Not only can we provide the installation and maintenance of car parking lift systems, we offer “after hours” emergency service and repair (because safety can’t wait!), plus scheduled preventive maintenance, installation, and repairs. We know that your company deserves the best, which is why we dedicate time and resources to obtaining licenses and certifications, as well as provide resources to our team for continued education and training.

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