Benefits of Underground Parking Lifts and Why You Need One

Parking is a frequent struggle at both residential and commercial levels in the United States today. With every new housing development or large parking garage built, there is an increased need for more efficient parking solutions that maximize existing space rather than expanding outward. Car parking lifts are a great way to think vertically when it comes to parking solutions.


What is a Car Parking Lift?

Car parking lifts operate like elevators, lifting vehicles up with hydraulics for storage or servicing. There are many different types of car parking lifts, including:

  • Car Lift Elevators for vertical vehicle storage
  • Showroom Lifts for displaying vehicles on car sales floors
  • Simple Stackers for valet parking lots.
  • And Underground Parking Lifts for storing a vehicle underground, rather than lifting it

Of course, not all car parking lifts raise vehicles up. With an underground parking lift, vehicles can be stored underground to make better use of parking and garage space. At Mathews Mechanical, we have an expertly trained team that specializes in installing and maintaining all manner of car parking lifts, including these underground parking lifts.


Benefits of an Underground Parking Lift

If you’re struggling to find the best way to store vehicles with difficult zoning limitations or odd vehicle storage space, an underground parking lift could be just the car stacker you need. Here are some of the many benefits of underground parking lifts:

Stores Cars Safely

Unlike a traditional car parking lift, underground parking lifts lower vehicles into the ground. This means vehicles are not being stored overhead, which requires cars to be much more secure to prevent them from falling off the lift. Should a vehicle’s brakes malfunction while on the lift, or if a vehicle is not tied down to the lift, there is no danger of the car falling off the lift — since it is protected in an underground storage spot. Ultimately, this safety feature is a win-win for both property owners and vehicle owners.

Protects Vehicles

Underground parking lifts are the best way to protect cars against many kinds of incidents, from break-ins to hazardous weather conditions. While traditional garage doors are relatively easy to get into, underground parking lifts are highly secure and minimize potential liabilities. So vehicle owners and property owners alike can rest easy, knowing cars are safely tucked underground!

Doubles Available Parking

If the vehicles being stored underground aren’t used frequently, you could park your regular mode of transportation on top of it, doubling the available parking space. Some homeowners use underground parking lifts to store vehicles they are working on restoring, or their more prized and expensive collector’s vehicles that they want to keep protected. Others who don’t drive their car very often may store it underground and park their golf cart or bicycle on top of it, which is easy to remove when they do need to retrieve their car.

Optimizes Existing Space

By installing an underground parking system in your garage, you open up the space to so many possibilities, even if a second vehicle is not stored above it! For property owners, underground parking lifts allow for more storage space for residents or commercial renters, a real perk in high-occupancy city dwellers and workers!

Effective for Most Parking Situations

Because traditional car lifts require more vertical space above the parking spot, they aren’t always a very practical solution for two-car garages like most homeowners have. Few garages have enough space above for a car lift, and building a new garage is a much more expensive fix than optimizing the space you already have. Underground parking lifts use the space underneath the garage, and odds are this space on the property is completely unused and ready to be excavated. They’re also so simple to operate, that anyone can learn to use one.

Customizes to Your Needs

Underground parking lifts aren’t a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all parking solution. When you decide to get an underground parking lift for a personal garage or professional parking business, our team will work with you to create a custom system based on your needs and available space, as well as any restrictions or requirements for your home, city, and district.


Who Should Consider an Underground Parking Lift?

Underground parking lifts are an excellent solution for anyone with multiple vehicles and limited parking space. That includes homeowners or property managers in need of creative parking solutions as well as long-term vehicle storage businesses looking for a way to expand and optimize their ground-level garage space. An underground parking lift may be the perfect way for you to work within limited big-city parking or zoning laws in a historic district!

If you’re interested in learning more about whether an underground parking lift is something worth considering for your parking situation, reach out to us at Mathews Mechanical to find out how we can make it happen!