Car Stackers: Service and Installation

With residential and commercial properties alike facing the dilemma of including enough space for the vehicles that frequent their parking lot or parking garage, a car stacking system can be an ideal solution. With a problem-solving mindset, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality service and products in a timely manner. Let’s take a closer look at just how our installation of car stackers is one great solution to overparking concerns.

What’s a Car Stacker?  A Closer Look at the System

Chances are, if you’re considering a car stacker, you’re facing high parking demand with limited parking space.  Car stackers are devices that enable vehicle owners to safely park one or more vehicles on top of another. This is an excellent solution that maximizes vertical space, enhances property value and strengthens revenue potential, through increased parking density.

The car stacking system includes a metal elevator that allows for stacking of vehicles on top of and beside another through a lift system. With a user-friendly design, the upper platform comes down to allow the driver to drive the vehicle onto the lift. After exiting the vehicle, the driver can then signal the system to stack their vehicle on top of the lower vehicle. Car stackers are quickly increasing in popularity, and allow properties to easily multiply the number of parking spaces found in lots and garages.

Our experienced team of professionals has provided installation of and service for car stackers with a variety of manufacturers. Being an authorized distributor for many well-known companies (our line card outlines our repertoire), we provide the best solutions for our clients and our system is proof of this dedication.

Benefits of Car Stackers

Whether it’s a solution to overcrowded and congested streets causing issues with vehicle owners finding parking, tenants or customers concerned about safety and theft, or climbing costs when looking at building a new parking garage, the demand is there for car stackers. It’s an efficient, safe, reliable choice — and can be a smart investment for getting top ROI on both commercial and residential properties. And we can meet that demand with our solution.

The team at Mathews Mechanical brings strong expertise in installing and maintaining car parking lifts and conveyor systems. Our advanced car parking systems allow you to provide more parking spaces in your high-value real estate. By increasing the density of parking spaces in the same area you can offer more value to your customers, tenants, and residents.

Benefits our clients have experienced after using our installation include:

  • Allowing for more spaces in your parking lot or parking garage.
  • Decreasing the threat of car theft, with pre-installed safety features including tire blocks that keep vehicles in place.
  • Providing a top-tier quality product that is safe to use and operate.
  • Maintaining an easy driver experience by utilizing a simple system for the vehicle owner.
  • Increasing the property value of your real estate, securing a benefit for your future.
  • Lowering costs of maintenance.
  • Saving costs of new parking construction.

The Mathews Mechanical Difference

The team here at Mathews Mechanical is dedicated and value-driven problem solvers. We are committed to providing peace of mind for our clients through quality relationships and our history of customer satisfaction shows this commitment, with over 30 years in business.

With an intention to become the premier industrial maintenance and custom fabrication shop for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, our family-owned business holds ourselves to the highest standard of service, with our team providing “after hours” and 24/7 emergency support from our highly qualified engineers or service technicians. Our integrity in our actions is just as important to us as the problems we help solve.

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