Mathews Mechanicals Projects: Fall Protection Installation at a Commercial Rail Yard

At Mathews Mechanical, we’re proud to help our clients solve their problems, whether big or small. We serve customers from a wide variety of industries — beverage facilities to zoos and everything in between. 

When it comes to fall protection equipment, there is zero margin for error. With safety on the line, expert installation and best-in-class safety features are key. When a leading commercial rail yard reached out to Mathews Mechanical about fall protection needs in their maintenance yard, our team was ready to answer the call. 

What does the Mathews Mechanical team look like in action? Get a look behind the scenes in this fall protection installation project. 


Mathews Mechanical in the Maintenance Yard

While commercial rail yards often have their own engineering department, sometimes the need for outside assistance arises. This commercial rail yard needed the expertise of Mathews Mechanical with an important fall protection project at hand. Our experts include designers who are ready to craft the perfect blueprint; however, sometimes our clients come with their needs already in writing. When that’s the case, our mechanical engineers and installation pros are geared up and ready to go. 

At the maintenance yard of this commercial rail was some existing fall protection equipment that needed modification. As vehicles drove over the maintenance pit, safety netting ensured that no falls occurred after the vehicle’s service. 

You may have seen a setup like this before while getting an oil change, in which you pull the car in and then the professionals are underground to service your car. These wide spaces, designed to reach under a vehicle for maintenance, pose a tremendous hazard when no vehicle is in place. For this reason, there must be safety netting put in place once a vehicle leaves so no one can unexpectedly fall and become injured. 

Likewise, this rail yard needed our help with a similar fall protection system. When our team was contacted, the rail yard’s existing safety netting was visibly worn and had begun to deteriorate. After understanding the project’s specifications and safety needs, we reached out to the supplier to purchase a new set with the quote approved by the client. The Mathews Mechanical team installed the new netting and ensured complete safety compliance. 


The Importance of Fall Protection

Fall protection equipment may seem like an unnecessary precaution until a tragedy occurs. Reports show that because of falls, more than 260,000 United States workers missed a day of work — and, tragically, nearly 800 died. The key to avoiding these workplace tragedies is having fall protection equipment installed correctly and regularly maintained. 

Here to help businesses ensure safety and compliance are federal OSHA standards. However, fall protection was the most frequently cited OSHA standard violation in 2020. The Mathews Mechanical team is up-to-date on local and federal regulations and standards that keep your employees safe and maintain compliance. 

If you have fall protection equipment in your facility, ensure you know when you need maintenance and replacement. In addition to meeting OSHA standards and ensuring the safety of employees, undergoing regular maintenance can improve productivity and profitability. This forward-thinking service can prevent expensive shutdowns and unexpected delays. With the speed of business today, meeting customer demands is critical to continued satisfaction and success. 


Fall Protection Equipment with Mathews Mechanical

Whether you need fall protection equipment designed, installed, replaced or modified, the Mathews Mechanical team is here to help. Need a custom solution for a unique obstacle? Our designers are primed for a challenge. Want to take a task off your plate? Let us order and install your replacement part. Whatever your request, our team is ready to take it on. 

Don’t put the safety of your team at risk. Contact us today about your fall protection equipment needs.