Fall Protection Equipment Projects: The Alameda Creek Watershed

Embarking on a monumental construction project can be a years-long, epic feat. One necessary aspect to prevent setbacks and safety issues is to ensure that correct, compliant fall protection equipment is installed. 

The Mathews Mechanical team takes safety seriously. For decades, we have developed an expertise in fall protection systems, offering only the finest and most reliable products for facility and job site safety.

Our certified experts design, fabricate, install and maintain fall protection systems for every industry out there. In fact, when the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission needed to ensure their fall protection equipment was safe, they turned to Mathews Mechanical.

Take a look at how the Mathews Mechanical team developed a compliant design and safe installation for an important community project: the Alameda Creek Watershed Center.

Background: Fall Protection Equipment Design

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission designed the Alameda Creek Watershed Center to be an educational center for raising awareness of natural and cultural history. With $27 million and 10,000 square feet of workable space, the municipality set out on this ambitious venture. Scheduled to open in early 2023, the Watershed Center will feature an interpretive center, as well as an outdoor discovery trail designed to complement the existing natural and built environment. The site will also support educational programs for elementary school students.

Brought in to review the fall protection equipment, the team at Mathews Mechanical quickly realized that the fall protection design of the roof was not compliant. Our fall protection experts quickly consulted with the team to provide different designs that were both compliant and more useful. 

With the best fall protection equipment design in place for the up-and-coming project, the Mathews Mechanical team installed the system and ensured the project was completed safely.

“We were able to come in and consult on best design practices,” Jared Mathews, owner of Mathews Mechanical, relates. “Rather than helping them put in a product that may not have met their needs, we corrected and improved the design.”

The Importance of Fall Protection Design

Without certification and expertise, it can be easy to misunderstand how fall protection equipment works — and why the right fall protection solution is so crucial. Awareness of fall protection is rarely enough knowledge to design with the utmost safety and quality in mind. 

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to fall protection are triggers. “If your feet are over four feet high off the next possible surface, that’s a trigger for fall protection,” Jared notes. “Whether you’re climbing a ladder or on a platform, if it’s over four feet high, you need to have some means of fall protection.” 

Reports show that fall protection violations were the most frequent OSHA standard violation in 2021. These citations can be easily avoided by consulting an experienced fall protection team.

Taking the whole picture into account is also crucial when it comes to fall protection. At Mathews Mechanical, we come in as experts. We understand that safety is something you can’t afford to second guess. 


Fall Protection Equipment for Your Unique Project

Like the Alameda Creek Watershed, we’re used to unique projects. Just ask us about the roller coaster! Our experts are here to generate solutions for anything coming our way. 

Need to ensure the safety of your own fall protection equipment? Look no further. Check out our fall protection services and enjoy getting real expertise on your team.