Fall Protection Systems: Installation and Service in the Workplace

As a result of falls, more than 260,000 United States workers missed a day of work — and, tragically, nearly 800 died. These startling statistics point to why workplace safety must be taken seriously, including the installation and service of fall protection systems. With safety being a top concern, not to mention a highly-regulated area for OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), the team at Mathews Mechanical works to solve these concerns with the installation, maintenance, and inspection of personal fall protection systems.

A Further Peek into Fall Protection Systems

If your workers often work from overhead platforms, elevated workstations, or tend to work in small spaces, you likely need a personal fall protection system. At Mathews Mechanical, we take an experience-based approach to designing and installing a fall protection system for your workplace. Keeping your employees safe is our priority.

Of OSHA standards, fall protection was the most frequently cited violation in 2020.

Personal fall protection systems encompass all elements an employer uses to provide protection against falling. OSHA requires fall protection be provided at elevations of:

  • Four feet (general industry workplaces)
  • Five feet (shipyards)
  • Six feet (construction industry)
  • Eight feet (longshoring operations)

There are three types of fall protection equipment outside of personal fall arrest systems: positioning (holds your employees in place for hands-free work), suspension (lowering and support systems), and retrieval (in the event of a fall). Additional examples of fall protection equipment include body belts, chest harnesses, cable lanyards, rope grabs, shock absorbers, and more.

Our highly-certified team works with you to determine your specific needs and provide a distinct solution for your personal fall protection needs and fall arrest needs.

Benefits of Fall Protection Systems

Through working with the team at Mathews Mechanical, you can provide safer working conditions for your employees. There’s a real business case to be made for safety. Benefits our clients have experienced after working with us to provide the best system include:

  • Complying with OSHA standards. OSHA has established standards for employers to meet. We are well-versed in these and our products meet standards.
  • Increasing profitability and decreasing product cost. With a closer focus on personal fall protection systems and fall arrest systems, you can avoid expensive legal issues, workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and lost productivity.
  • Providing a sense of stability and safety for your employees. When workers feel safe and protected, they’re more effective and efficient in their work.
  • Reducing insurance and litigation claims. Properly installed and maintained fall protection can prevent negative consequences because of investigation after a potential fall.

The Mathews Mechanical Advantage

Mathews Mechanical takes the safety of our clients very seriously. We offer only the finest, most reliable fall protection products for your job site and facility needs. Working with top distributors like 3M, Gorbel, Rigid Lifelines, Kee Safety and XSPlatforms (see our line card for a full list), our team designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains complete fall protection systems for a wide array of industries.

We maintain the highest quality standards in our products and services. Our team understands OSHA regulations and what you need to provide a safe workstation for your team.

And, because we know safety often just can’t wait, we’re here to help 24/7. Our Support and Maintenance Team offers “after hours” emergency service and repair, as well as scheduled preventative maintenance, installations, and repairs.

We know your people are your greatest asset. Acting with integrity in all situations, we deeply understand the importance of employee safety. Our clients trust us to get the job done right to ensure the safety of their employees whether on remote job sites or permanent installations.

With a 30+ year history of consistently high-quality service and products, Mathews Mechanical is qualified to help you solve your problem. You can trust that your job requirements will be fully met by our highly talented, skilled, committed team.

Want to learn more about Mathews Mechanical and discuss how we can install or service your fall protection systems? Get in touch at mathmec@mathmec.com or at 510-475-9950. You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn.