Mechanical Troubleshooting: When to Repair and When to Replace

Does your mechanical equipment simply need a repair? Or is it time for a replacement? Determining the answer to that question can make all the difference between getting things back online or dealing with continued breakdowns. The Mathews Mechanical customer service team is here to advise our current and potential customers on the right time to repair vs. replacement. 

To maintain your equipment, you need the correct maintenance plan. Your conveyor belts, cranes, and other industrial tools keep your business moving, so a wise maintenance plan can’t be overstated. 

Keep reading to know when replacement or repair may be the right choice to ensure productivity and profit.


Repair or Replace: 5 Important Considerations


  1. Complete Breakdown


If your equipment is completely broken down, you have an easy decision to make. In certain situations, the only option is to have someone come in and troubleshoot. For instance, in a production-type environment, if a piece of equipment goes down, you will need a mechanical customer service team out as soon as possible, or production will simply stall. If you’re experiencing a total stop in your facility, replacement may be the right solution. 


  1. Previous Repair


If a machine requires multiple repairs, or if it has been serviced several times, that can be a sign you need a replacement. Our Mathews Mechanical customer service team is here to help you determine if an issue involves routine maintenance or a new piece of equipment. Since Mathews Mechanical specializes in regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and installation and after-hours emergency service, we can help you every step of the way.


  1. Upgrading Systems


When it is time to take action on a machine repair, our team can not only repair and replace your existing equipment. We can also upgrade current systems. Our goal is to protect your business’ productivity by ensuring efficient, up-to-date equipment. If you’ve been frustrated by inefficient or frequently broken aspects of your mechanical systems, a replacement with an upgrade can be a positive solution. 


  1. Unique Design


An essential element in the repair vs. replace decision process is considering how unique the design of your industrial equipment is and the age of the machine. If your equipment is no longer being manufactured, or if it was custom-built for your unique needs, then you may have a more difficult time with part availability. Customer equipment might also require a custom solution. Luckily, our team can inspect your equipment to determine if you’ll find a proper replacement.


  1. Unavailable Parts


As supply chains struggle to keep up with demands, it’s no wonder parts may be unavailable. If replacement parts simply can’t be found, a repair or customer solution may work in its place. The Mathews Mechanical team is here to advise you from installation to repair to ensure that you get the best product for the job and can maintain equipment effectively.


  1. Safety Concerns


It’s important to schedule regular maintenance for safety equipment, including fall protection equipment. This includes replacing equipment when needed to guarantee safety. Preventative maintenance is critical because the risks are far greater than even the largest financial penalties. At Mathews Mechanical, team safety is the top priority. With unsafe equipment, your employees are at risk of injury or death. That’s not a risk worth taking. For many reasons, ensuring regular inspection and preventative maintenance is key. 

To keep up with the regulations required by your state, consult an expert team. At Mathews Mechanical, we’ve been installing, servicing, and meeting regulation requirements on fall protection equipment for years. 


Mathews Mechanical 24/7 service


Whether you’re in need of a replacement or repair, Mathews Mechanical is here to help — any time, any day. We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to help our customers solve problems whenever they occur. 

Want a mechanical team at your back that you can rely on for replacements or repairs whenever they’re needed? Learn more about the expert team at Mathews Mechanical