Top Five Benefits of Custom Fabrication

What’s going to be the right choice for your engineering project — custom or “off-the-rack”? When the answer means the difference between productivity or problems, it’s crucial to consider the potential impact of your choice. 

If you’re looking into custom steel fabrication, chances are that the existing “off-the-shelf” solutions (in other words, mass-manufactured elements that are not designed exactly for your organization) don’t quite fit the mark. This is the first sign that custom is the way to go. 

What is custom fabrication? Custom metal fabrication utilizes a variety of equipment and industrial tools and equipment that cut, bend, roll, and join metal into complex shapes for unique uses. The most common metals for custom fabrication are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

As you consider your decision between mass-produced elements and custom, take a look at these benefits of high-quality custom steel design.


5 Benefits of Custom Steel Fabrication


1. Meet Your Exact Needs


The biggest and most obvious benefit to custom steel fabrication is getting exactly what you want. Instead of working with a solution that doesn’t quite meet your needs, you get the best solution possible.

At Mathews Mechanical, we’ve been supporting businesses with custom steel fabrication for more than 30 years. You wouldn’t believe the unique projects we’ve worked on. Our areas of expertise are vast — just take a look at our line card. Our expert team is committed to delivering innovative, high quality custom steel fabrications with superior mechanical integrity.


2. Get Expert Opinions


What’s really going to be the best solution for your problem? Chances are, you’re not a custom fabrication expert yourself. But with an expert team of certified engineers, welders and technicians on your side, you’ll find the answer comes easy. The right solution may even be something you never considered. 

An important step in our engineering process is creating concepts and prototypes as needed, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got a complete and longstanding solution.  


3. Find Success From the Start


Custom steel fabrication can ensure that your business doesn’t run into roadblocks as time goes by. You’ll get the exact solution to your exact problem with unique expert help. 

With an off-the-shelf solution, you might be spending your budget on something that’s not quite right. Sometimes, even a slight misfitting can lead to a big problem down the line. If a solution won’t work properly, what’s the point? 

Particularly in matters that involve the safety of your team, getting it right the first time matters. Instead of settling for something that sort of works, get the best of the best from the beginning. 


4. Enjoy Superior Welding Services


What if you need help when it comes to installation? Maintenance and repairs? Or maybe additional welding needs come up? With an experienced team by your side, these needs won’t be a problem at all. 

Mathews Mechanical is your one-stop-shop for metal fabrication. Just take a look at some of the services we offer:


  • TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), Flux Core (FCAW), Stick (SMAW)
  • Steel stairs, ladders, ornamental, small structural steel fabrication and installation
  • Stainless steel stairs, ladders, ornamental, custom bracketry, and fixtures
  • Aluminum stairs, ladders, ornamental, custom bracketry, and fixtures
  • And so much more!


Working with custom steel fabrication will ensure that your welding needs are met from start to finish. No matter what the job calls for.

5. Pull Necessary Permits

Some fabrication jobs will require permits, and pulling these may require expertise. Each jurisdiction is unique in its specifications. Our Mathews Mechanical team includes certified welders. We have the ability to provide fully stamped engineering drawings and permits as needed. 

When steel fabrication is on the line, you can trust the custom quality of Mathews Mechanical service. Learn more about metal and steel fabrication to get started on your project.