Your Guide To Choosing a Metal Fabrication Shop

When you need custom metal fabrication, you need a partner capable of getting the job done right. When each piece needs to fit in to complete the puzzle of an industrial design, it’s critical to find a metal fabrication shop that can meet your needs. A fabrication shop must be on call to tackle a wide variety of initiatives, from commercial pieces to complete construction projects. But how do you find the right one?  

Finding an expert in custom metal fabrication who can stay on top of raw materials, cutting, welding, shaping, molding, and machining, requires the right strategy. Of course, your number one priority should be finding a metal fabrication partner you can trust. 

When looking for a metal fabrication shop, keep a few things in mind: price, production value, technical skills, customer involvement, and quality tools and production. On top of these considerations, these tips will help you find the best fabrication shop for the job at hand.

4 Tips for Choosing a Metal Fabrication Shop


  1. Know Your Project

First, you must understand your project’s scope to determine if you require custom or off-the-shelf resources. For example, suppose you are renovating a commercial kitchen and are looking for a stainless steel backsplash. In that case, a custom product probably is not necessary. A counter shop would be of better service to you. 

Researching your project before coming to a custom shop can save you the time you could use to finish your job. Regardless of your knowledge of custom metal fabrication, Mathews Mechanical can help answer your questions and ensure your project is taken care of.


  1. Consider Engineering Needs

When choosing a custom metal fabrication shop, it’s essential to understand your project’s uniqueness. Some shops are unable to handle more flexible jobs. 

At Mathews Mechanical, we can make a metal fabrication no matter how unique it needs to be. You even can partner with our engineers to draw up what you have in mind. Then, our team can use those renderings to create what you need.  

From building custom cranes for clean rooms to stationary lifts, our custom metal fabrication shop is known for our ability to complete one-of-a-kind jobs. Plus, we make sure our customers are satisfied throughout the entire process.


  1. Review Certification Requirements

Matthews Mechanical has the in-house engineering capability to develop and certify the solution as mechanically sound. On our team, we have a professional engineer that will sign off on each project to ensure that it meets certification requirements and can complete the job we have in mind. 

If we are designing something that is supposed to lift 4000 lbs., our professional engineer will ensure the project will function properly. Working with a custom metal fabrication shop capable of certifications can speed up your entire project. 


  1. Keep Full Service In Mind

Mathews Mechanical is turnkey. We have engineering, drafting, and drawing capability so you can see what you’re getting ahead of time. While other custom metal fabrication shops will take your drawings and build them, they won’t make the drawing for you. 

That’s one of our unique offerings at Mathews Mechanical. We will help you dream up your project through drawings, then help you bring things to life. We use SolidWorks to do all our drawings and modeling so you can approve the renderings before we go to the next step. We can even show you a 3D model! 

At Mathews Mechanical, we believe it’s vital to involve our clients throughout every step of the process. Your approval means your satisfaction at the end of the project.


Important Questions to Ask a Metal Fabrication Shop

Where do you start when looking for a custom metal fabrication shop? Below is a list of questions you can ask any potential partner:

  • Can the custom metal fabrication shop complete the required task?
  • Is the metal shop equipped, properly trained, and certified to handle the job?
  • Do they have the personnel and equipment to complete the job in your time frame?
  • Does the fabrication shop deliver essential services such as prototyping, following design-for-manufacturing principles, finishing, and design review?
  • What other services are offered by the shop? Are they certified to help with any other steps in your project?

The Mathews Mechanical Difference

When it comes to choosing a custom metal fabrication shop, choose the best in the business. Mathews Mechanical is here to solve your problems and create the solution you need — no matter how unique your needs are. How can we help with your project? Get in touch and get the answers you need.