An Inside Look at Fall Protection System Class: High Quality Safety Education

Participating in a fall protection system class is essential learning for anyone in industries like construction and manufacturing, anywhere there are areas with boots four or more feet off the ground. In addition to installing, maintaining, and inspecting fall protection systems, Mathews Mechanical hosts fall protection system classes. After all, our customer’s safety is our top priority.

Designed by 3M, these classes feature expert trainers who teach professionals everything they need to know for fall protection. When a fall protection system class is an OSHA requirement, attending a high-quality and informative class can be invaluable. 

Not sure if your workplace is up to date on OSHA standards? It’s critical to confirm. Of OSHA standards, fall protection was the most frequently cited violation in 2020. When your team’s lives and safety are on the line, prevention and training is of the utmost importance. 

In order to ensure you and your team are ready to safely operate in specific areas, fall protection system classes are here for you. Take a look at how we facilitate these key trainings.


Fall Protection Systems Classes at Mathews Mechanical

With various levels of training, professional teams can choose exactly the types of trainings they need to start (and continue!) working safely with fall protection systems. Mathews Mechanical offers these classes in our own warehouse, online and even on-site as our customers request.

Here’s a look at the 3M classes we offer on fall protection:


  • Authorized Persons Essential Fall Protection Course: This class was developed for people working regularly at a height that requires a basic personal fall protection system with a certified anchorage. In this one-day course, attendees develop an understanding of the components for a basic personal fall protection system. Included in the course are case studies, workbook exercises, and practical applications to teach proper safety.


  • Authorized Person Fall Protection Comprehensive Course: Understanding the dangers of falls help professionals mitigate the hazard. This one-day course teaches numerous methods for protection from falls. Beyond general safety principles, attendees will learn the selection, set-up, and usage of various fall protection systems. WIth challenge questions, practical learning applications, and more, participants will cover everything from pre-use inspection to passive systems. 


  • Competent Person Fall Protection Course: For those who work at a variety of different heights and require the use of numerous fall protection systems, this 16-hour class is ideal. Professionals learn fall protection safety systems and develop their ability to provide fall safety oversight to others. This engaging and informative class is hugely beneficial to those needing competent person education. 


Expert Fall Protection Training

At Mathews Mechanical, we’re particularly proud to host these fall protection system classes because of the top-tier quality of the training. “3M puts a lot into these presentations,” Jared shares. “It’s much more engaging and of higher quality than anything you’ll find elsewhere.“

Of course, we can’t forget the incredible instructors. “All the trainers doing these classes have been in the industry,” Jared says. “They’re all retired firefighters and rescue personnel who have been doing this stuff for 20 plus years in most cases.” The expertise they bring in emergency response is invaluable in protecting your own employees from emergencies on site.

With quality training and expert instructors, these fall protection system classes are just what professionals need to operate safely and effectively.


On-Site Fall Protection System Classes

When our customers need fall protection system classes on-site, our team is here to help. For example, the Mathews Mechanical team did a lot of work at the headquarters of a well-known tech giant in Mountain View, says Mathews Mechanical General Manager. “They have a really unique roof so they came and asked us to give their people two competent person and two authorized person fall protection classes.”

At Mathews Mechanical, we also offer open enrollment classes. So if you’ve recently made a new hire, or are planning to hire in the near future, they can get up to speed with our fall protection system classes. Contact us for more information.

Our team at Mathews Mechanical is fully certified in fall protection systems. From designing, fabricating and installing these systems, we know them inside and out. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and that includes our training.

Is your team in need of fall protection system training that meets OSHA requirements? There’s a real business case to be made for safety. We understand that keeping your workforce safe is tremendously important. Contact us now to find out how we can support your fall protection system education.