Types of Car Stackers: What’s Right for You?

When your business needs to install and maintain a car stacker, Mathews Mechanical is here to help you get the job done. 

What are car stackers? Car stackers enable your facility to create additional parking spaces when things get crowded. This metal elevator is designed to stack vehicles vertically or horizontally using a lift system. Users can then park vehicles on upper levels of a car stacker through various ways. These systems are growing in popularity and are widely known for being cost-effective and space-efficient.

What type of car stacker is right for your needs? Keep reading to discover how Mathews Mechanical can help you find a car stacker that creates a solution for your space. 

Types of Car Stackers

Car stackers can be above ground or in-ground. If your building space hasn’t been completed yet or you are renovating, an in-ground car stacker can be an efficient solution. An in-ground car stacker is often chosen because it allows users to remove cars independent of others that may be parked on the stacker.

However, if your space is built and not in need of renovation, an above-ground car stacker might make the most financial sense. With an above-ground car stacker, you get a self-contained space to store vehicles. However, all cars must be lowered to access a car on the upper levels. 

Beyond above-ground and in-ground, car stackers delve into further types. Take a look at this variety of car stackers and consider what may meet your requirements. The Mathews Mechanical team is always here to offer additional advice. 


Two-level: If simply doubling the parking space in some area of your facility is all you need, a two-level car stacker can do the trick. 

Three-level and more: If your space needs include more than just 2 cars for each space, there are three, four and more levels of car stackers. These lifts feature connected arrangements to accommodate multiple rows of cars and carry small cars or SUVs. Our team can assist you in determining what level of car stacker will work best for your space and inventory. 

Angled design: When low ceiling height may be an issue, angled design car parkers are a fitting solution. This unique car stacker is installed within restricted headroom clearance to provide two parking levels. Cars on the ground level need to be removed before those on top can be taken off. Still, this design is helpful to those in potentially tight spaces. Angled-design car parkers are available for residential or commercial use. 

Stack and slide: If it’s difficult to get cars into place, installing a slider car stacker can solve your problems. Just drive onto a platform and then the slide lift can get the car into the correct place. 

Turntable: The right car stacker often depends on the design of your space. A turntable stacker might be your answer if it’s difficult even getting vehicles into a garage. These turntables rotate cars on an axis to get vehicles in place. When it isn’t possible to make changes to your garage space, turntables can be an effective type of car stacker. They can be readily retro-fitted into existing garages and car parks.

Suspended Platform: This type of car stacker holds cars on a suspended platform that’s supported by building-integrated frame structure. Because of this, suspended platform stackers offer column-free space that may utilize available parking space effectively. 


With the right car stacker set up, you’ll be ready to go with a key or remote for access. These stackers are designed with safety in mind, including features that keep cars from moving once they’re in place. Powered by hydraulics and valves that control the speed of ascent and descent, your team will learn how to work the car stacker with minimal, yet effective training. 


Your Next Car Stacker and the Mathews Mechanical Difference

Car stackers can make a tremendous difference in increasing value, cost effectiveness, low maintenance, safety and reliability. Whether you’re dealing with challenges of overcrowding or increasing inventory, car stackers offer a solution. 

Our Mathews Mechanical team has solved plenty of parking problems with car stackers. From installation to regular service, we’ll provide you with expert mechanics to get the job done right — car after car. 

In many circumstances, it’s important to businesses that your car stackers stay up and running. Breakdowns can delay business functions and cause problems for numerous teams. Mathews Mechanical is proud to offer Emergency 24/7 Service so any issues are fixed as soon as possible and business can go on as usual. 

For over 30 years, Mathews Mechanical has been a family-owned business offering mechanical solutions at the highest standard of service. Whether your needs are unique or simple, our team is here to serve you.

What type of car stacker is right for you? Contact us today and speak to an expert engineer.