Industrial Machinery: What To Do When It Breaks

When working with an industrial equipment supplier, one of the first questions you want to ask is what your team should do if the machinery breaks. While many would rather ignore this worst-case scenario, facing the possibility head-on can ensure your organization is ready when it comes to performance.

Of course, preventative maintenance and broken machinery go hand in hand. To get started, let’s look at what you can do to prevent broken equipment from the beginning.


Step 1: Preventative Maintenance 

With industrial machinery, it’s no wonder they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Spending time on preventative maintenance can easily slip to the end of a to-do list, and it’s easy to simply hope things will keep working well. We get it. But preventative maintenance is crucial and something worth crossing off your to-do list. 

Actually performing preventative maintenance often comes down to one thing: Is your business proactive or reactive? For some teams, preventative maintenance is performed on a regular basis. These teams look to prevent major equipment failures because they know broken equipment stalls productivity. Other teams are reactive and wait until machinery stops working to call their industrial equipment supplier.

At Mathews Mechanical, we help our customers take a proactive approach. If we install a piece of equipment, we always follow up with an estimate and schedule for preventative maintenance whether that’s semi-annual or annual. 

For some items, like fall protection equipment, preventative maintenance is a Federal OSHA regulation. For other equipment, like conveyor belts, preventative maintenance can ensure that essential components don’t break down unexpectedly.  

Before you even consider what to do when something breaks, reviewing your machinery and consulting your industrial equipment supplier about taking a proactive approach can be helpful.


Step 2: Call In the Experts

Sometimes machinery just breaks. What do you do then? At Mathews Mechanical, we encourage customers to give us a call. Our team will come to your site for an evaluation and put our experts on uncovering the actual problem and the best solution. 

Have equipment that keeps stalling your workload? If something’s been serviced several times, it may need replacing. This is another reason why having the best repair team by your side is essential. We can help you determine if parts need repair or replacement

Unfortunately, when machinery breaks, so does your budget. Shutting equipment down requires downtime. (And, let’s face it, you still have to pay employees even if they’re not working.) Customers may potentially cancel orders. For these reasons and more, having an expert repair service on call for 24/7 service can make a tremendous difference.

Working with your industrial equipment supplier or repair service is essential for safety equipment to complete proper repairs and establish a safe working environment. Broken safety equipment poses a tremendous risk of financial penalty and tragic injury or death.


Maintenance and Repair with Mathews Mechanical

When you have Mathews Mechanical by your side, you won’t have to worry about the enormous consequences of broken machinery. Unlike some industrial equipment suppliers, you won’t have to worry about us pulling a disappearing act. In fact, we’re there for our customers no matter the time or day.

We’ve committed to 24/7 Emergency Service to ensure our customers get the help they need exactly when they need it. If you need evaluation and repair at 10 pm on a Saturday night, we’re picking up your call and heading over. While others may wait till morning to respond, Mathews Mechanical will be there in what’s typically four hours or less when our team is typically off the clock.

Mathews Mechanical serves a diverse range of customers, from custom metal fabrication to crane installation and conveyor belts. Whatever the service, we’re here for 24/7 emergency help. In fact, we’ve fixed broken pumps and automated parking systems in the middle of the night. Our team has taken on conveyor belt issues and big problems in a plant when other businesses have locked their doors and turned off the lights.

Mathews Mechanical is committed to being there when machinery is broken. Get in touch with our team now to learn more about preventative maintenance and emergency service.