Required Maintenance for Industrial Pumps: Mathews Mechanical Field Services

Industrial pumps can be critical aspects of a business operation. When pumps break, so can your workflow. Luckily, field services technicians can jump in and solve pump problems before they derail work days. 

At Mathews Mechanical, we’ve completed plenty of field services on industrial pumps at wastewater treatment and government facilities. We even work on changing pumps and replacing seals at a water amusement park off-season. Wherever you are, when there’s water that needs to be moved with an industrial pump, you can bet maintenance is an important step. 

What kind of maintenance can you find from field services teams? And why is industrial pump maintenance so essential? Keep reading to find out.


The Consequences of Pump Failure

Plenty of problems can occur when an industrial pump breaks. When you need water moving and it’s not, damages occur. Flooding is an obvious risk when it comes to pumps. 

If a pump fails, suddenly water that was getting drained or re-located isn’t — and the consequences of that can be destructive or dangerous. When your pump is moving chemicals, waste, fuel or slurry, the impact of broken equipment can also be problematic. Pumps in certain environments may be more likely to need frequent repair and maintenance. 

Problems with an industrial pump include restricted flow, decreased suction, seal failure, and shaft damage. It may be worthwhile to consider preventative maintenance for your industrial pump. A field services team member can help you determine if your pump needs regular maintenance and what that service might look like.  

Does your seal look like it needs to be replaced? Is your motor broken or just stalled? Our team members can help you decide when to repair and when to replace equipment


The Industrial Pump Repair Process

Our field services team is here to help when your pump stops working. Our expert engineers and technicians are ready to take on any pump problem and get your business back up and running.

What is the general process for industrial pump repair? The first step is always evaluation. We’ll send a Mathews Mechanical Field Services Team Member to get up close and comfortable with your pump in the facility. They will review needed parts or give a good price for a new pump if that’s what’s needed. If the problem is the motor, the technician will make recommendations and provide an estimate. 

With the customer’s sign-off, the Mathews Mechanical team will repair the pump and evaluate it again to ensure the fix was effective. It’s important to note that if something is still leaking, our team will likely schedule downtime with the client to make additional repairs. 


Field Services with Mathews Mechanical

The Mathews Mechanical team is prepared to install, maintain and repair industrial pumps. Our experts have been working in field services for years and have the knowledge needed to get your business up and running successfully.

What are the perks of working with Mathews Mechanical? One has to be our 24/7 Emergency Service. When something breaks after hours, you won’t have to wait until a typical 9-to-5 time to call and get the issue resolved. We understand that time is money, and especially for around-the-clock businesses, we’re here to save you the time it takes to make essential repairs. 

Our team is also highly focused on custom solutions. Whether your pump is run-of-the-mill or completely custom, our team of engineers and technicians can help. No matter the location or issue at hand, we’re ready to get your pump back in business.

Beyond our industrial pump services, we can fix or repair just about anything industrial! Mathews Mechanical can provide quality equipment repairs on cranes, conveyors, dock equipment, most industrial equipment as well aswelding repairs to stairs, handrail, machine guarding and other metal work. Take a look at our line card to see the wide range of services we can offer.

Want experts to service the industrial pump at your facility? Reach out to the Mathews Mechanical team today.