What to Look For in a High-Quality Mechanical Contractor

Working with a mechanical contractor for your repairs or installation of new equipment is definitely an investment, so it’s crucial that you know you are hiring the best in the business. High-quality mechanical contractors should have significant experience in your industry, highly trained employees with all the necessary certifications, and a customer service experience that makes working with them nothing less than a pleasure. They should also have a track record of safety, compliance, and high-quality workmanship to instill complete confidence in their work.

How can you tell if a mechanical contractor will deliver a high-quality, reliable solution to your needs? Let’s break it down. Here are seven things to look for when hiring a mechanical contractor to guarantee an excellent experience.


Certified Experts

If a mechanical contractor is not bragging about their certifications and licenses, they’re probably not very trustworthy. Any mechanical contractor worth their salt should list their certificates, training, and license all on their website.

Mathews Mechanical’s highly qualified employees are certified and trained in every way that matters and then some. Scroll down on our About Us page to review our certifications, including that we’re proud to be a woman-owned business!


A Glowing Track Record

Reputation is everything in this business, and a good one is worth highlighting. Research your mechanical contractor of choice before hiring them to ensure previous customers are 100% satisfied with their work. Testimonials and a list of clients served should be covered on the contractor’s website, but you can also look them up on review websites where commentary may be less filtered.

Having worked for household names such as Amazon, UPS, and Tesla, we love highlighting all of our successes in over 20 years of mechanical engineering and sharing the glowing testimonials we’ve received over the years!


Industry Knowledge

Just because a mechanical contractor is high-quality doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right one for you. While most successful mechanical contractors should have experience in larger industries such as transportation and agriculture, they won’t all have the right expertise for your specific project and business.

Here at Mathews Mechanical, we have served customers in over a dozen industries, from food and beverage to construction and so much more. If you don’t see your industry listed on our website, give us a call. We may have just the industry knowledge you need!


Superior Customer Service

It ultimately doesn’t matter how qualified a mechanical contractor is if they are bad at communicating or disrespectful of customers. Your mechanical contractor shouldn’t feel like talking to a salesperson whose primary goal is to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. Your mechanical contractor should feel like your partner: someone who genuinely cares about solving your problem and working with your unique needs.

They should be trustworthy with questions like whether to repair or replace equipment and which specific solution is right for your business. You deserve a mechanical contractor who genuinely listens to you and cares about your total satisfaction.


Safety Prioritization

Safety should be a number one priority of any mechanical contractor, as much of the equipment we install or repair can be very dangerous if not set up and maintained properly. They should also be able to complete any project while maintaining all the necessary government safety regulations and complying with your warranties to help you feel secure asking for help any time equipment begins to fail.

Mathews Mechanical is passionate about the safety of our customers and employees alike. We are even known for designing safety systems like fall protection in hazardous industries, so you can trust that we always have safety in mind. No matter how big or small a project is, we give each customer extensive quality assurance, checking everything for perfect operation before concluding our work. We also work closely with our customers to ensure all necessary parties are trained to safely operate new installations before we hand over the reins.


Ongoing Support

This final piece really sets high-quality mechanical contractors apart from the masses. If you work with a contractor who simply does a project and closes your relationship, it can leave you feeling very unsupported if equipment requires replacement or repair in the future. The elite mechanical contractors offer ongoing support, guaranteeing their work and making themselves readily available any time you need mechanical support.

At Mathews Mechanical, we provide 24/7 mechanical services and repair to all customers, even for equipment we didn’t personally install! If you find yourself in an emergency where equipment failure is stalling your work day and cutting into your bottom line, just give us a call and we can have one of our engineers on-site and ready to help within just a few hours!