Our Metal Fabrication Shop and Capabilities

When you need metal fabrication solutions, there’s no better place to turn than Mathews Mechanical. We’ve been solving fabrication challenges and creating custom fixes for decades, and we’ve got the experts on our team to prove it. 

What’s it like getting your metal fabrication project done right with Mathews Mechanical? Keep reading to get an inside look at our shop.

Inside Our Metal Fabrication Shop

At Mathews Mechanical, we have the experts you need to make your metal fab job last. Our in-house drafting engineer is a maestro of calculations, determining how thick welds need to be, what type of welding is the best choice, and more.  

When welding experts are needed, we’ve got the perfect people to take on TIG, MIG, Arc welding, and more. Whatever you’re welding together, we’ll know what to do. 

In many cases, TIG welding may be the perfect weld for your metal fabrication job. Because it can be used on more metals than any other weld, it’s an easy choice. When the materials at hand are large and thick, MIG welding can provide a strong weld. It can also weld quickly, particularly with slender parts. Arc welding is another weld that can join pieces together. It’s affordable, easy to transport, and can be used for dirty metals. Our experts are on hand to ensure you have a suitable weld for your project.

We have a solution, whether you know exactly what you want or aren’t sure about your metal fabrication job. We’re prepared whether you’re coming with a difficult challenge or a fixed idea.


Getting it Done Custom

Why buy something off the shelf that doesn’t quite work when you can find a perfect custom fit? That’s our philosophy at Mathews Mechanical. Custom is the way to go when it comes to safe, long-lasting and efficient metal fabrication. 

At the Mathews Mechanical metal fabrication shop, you can get what you want precisely how you need it. For example, our team has completed many custom racking jobs. Need to get something like a chassis off the ground complete with racking for storage? Call our team and we’ll come out, take measurements, find out the load weight and design the perfect rack to fit your needs. It’s that easy with an in-house drafting engineer.

With the drawings for your custom design in place, we take them to our fabricators who work off the drawing to fabricate your metal piece. From hand railing to custom carts, we’ve got the drafting engineers and fabricators needed to get the job done right. 

Have your own drawings for metal fabrication? We can work from those too. We’re here to help create a solution at any part in your process. 

If you’re looking for certified, trained, licensed engineers for your metal fabrication work, look no further. Our licenses and certifications include: 


  • California State Licensed Contractor
  • TWIC Certified
  • Port of Oakland – Oakland Airport TSA Clearance
  • LBABE Certified
  • Certified Welders
  • Certified Fall Protection
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Rytec Doors – Factory Trained
  • Certified Qualified Conveyance Company
  • Woman Owned Business
  • Union City Business Watch Program
  • Rapport Leadership Institute
  • Remstar Vertical Carousel
  • ISNetworld Approved


Your One Stop Solution

We’re proud to call Mathews Mechanical a one-stop shop. When you come to our team needing support, we won’t be outsourcing this step and that. The experts you need to solve your most challenging and business-stalling issues are highly-vetted and well-practiced members of our in-house team.

In addition to metal fabrication, we offer a wide variety of engineering services to the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. Our services include fall protection systems, industrial maintenance and mechanical services, material handling solutions, crane installation and maintenance,  car parking lifts, industrial pipe and plumbing, and so much more.

Let’s talk about your metal fabrication needs. Learn more about customer metal fabrication at Mathews Mechanical and call now.