Why Proper Industrial Machine Maintenance is Important

Industrial machines require regular maintenance and mechanical service in order to keep them in peak working condition. Why? If not serviced properly, machines can malfunction and break down much faster, making it essential to work with a mechanical contractor who knows how to care for your industrial machines.

Types of Industrial Machine Maintenance Services

Mechanical contractors like Mathews Mechanical offer a variety of industrial machine maintenance services, all of which are essential to the longevity and successful operation of your machinery:

  • Preventative maintenance helps industrial machines maintain optimal performance by keeping them in tip-top shape, preventing possible breakdowns from ever occurring.
  • Repairs become necessary when equipment breaks down and becomes inoperable, or when it is not functioning as it should.
  • Emergency maintenance is required when equipment that is vital to business operations malfunctions or breaks unexpectedly.

Preventative Maintenance to Keep Performance Strong

Preventative maintenance is the most frequently neglected side of industrial maintenance, as businesses may not see machine repairs as necessary until the industrial machine is no longer doing its job. If a machine is allowed to break down to the point of an emergency situation, the repairs are often much more costly. 

Think about it this way: You wouldn’t neglect regular maintenance on your car and then set out on a coast-to-coast road trip. Just as your car requires routine maintenance such as wheel rotations and oil changes to continue operating safely and efficiently, industrial machines require regular care and attention to serve your business in the best way possible!

At Mathews Mechanical, we offer preventative maintenance for a variety of industrial machines, including:

  • Conveyor systems
  • Car stackers and other automated parking systems
  • Compactors and balers
  • Dock doors and levelers
  • Motors, pumps, and cylinders
  • Field welding
  • Hoists and cranes
  • Stretch wrap machines
  • Rollup doors
  • And more!

Example: Belt Conveyor and Live Roller Maintenance

Live rollers and belt conveyor systems are essential for moving products and materials through a warehouse or production line. Everything from the rollers to the motors require regular maintenance. If the conveyors or rollers aren’t moving, neither is your product! This can instantly stall operations for a business that uses these industrial machines. When our team inspects belt conveyors and live rollers during preventative maintenance, we check for the following:

  • Signs of wear or stretching of tracking or frame
  • Cuts or lacing on the belt
  • Environmental factors such as humidity that indicate the need for regular lubrication
  • Overheating or leaking motors

Regular maintenance of these essential components of your belt conveyor or live roller can save you a lot of stress and expense by keeping your machine functioning well rather than waiting for it to break down.

Repairing Broken Equipment

When industrial machinery breaks, it isn’t always an emergency situation, but it does need to be repaired if you want to use it again! For instance, you may have multiple of the same piece of machinery so that if one breaks, the others can pick up the slack. But this isn’t a long-term solution, as the other machines have to work twice as hard and are at an increased risk of breaking.

Example: Hydraulic Doors at the Zoo

Many zoos use hydraulic doors for their animal enclosures, and these doors need to work properly in order to keep the animals safe in their habitats. While animals can be moved to a different enclosure temporarily if the doors are unreliable, the situation should be resolved quickly to keep the zoo functioning safely.

When a zoo had hydraulic doors that weren’t closing fully, we went out to troubleshoot the problem and were able to return their doors to working order that same day, all without disturbing the habitats of the exotic animals! 

Emergency Maintenance for Unexpected Issues

When industrial machines experience total failures, this quickly becomes an emergency situation! Businesses rely on their industrial machinery to keep operations running smoothly, so any machine breaking down can turn into a costly interruption. The best way to prepare for these breakdowns—in addition to routine maintenance—is to have a mechanical contractor you trust on call to provide 24/7 emergency service.

At Mathews Mechanical, we pride ourselves on offering emergency maintenance to our clients, arriving at their base of operations within an hour of receiving a call. This gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing they are just a phone call away from having their emergency mechanical needs tended to.

Example: Pump Failure

Industrial pumps are a vital piece of equipment that need to be repaired urgently if they break. When your pump is no longer relocating or draining water, chemicals, waste, fuel, or slurry as it should, this can lead to flooding or the spread of hazardous materials. Whether the problem is the pump itself, the motor, or some other essential component of the pump system, our team is ready to quickly arrive and restore the pumps safe and reliable functionality.

Give Your Industrial Machines the Services They Need

Whether your needs are routine or emergency, our team at Mathews Mechanical is ready to help your industrial machines maintain perfect working order. Contact us to learn how we can give your machines the care and support they need!